Consumer Grades
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With so many products on the web that claim to be the best, how do we really know it`s true, and will the products work like they say? is a website that receives feedback from actual customers that have purchased some of the most popular products online. At we have reached out to past customers and asked them 10 questions about each product to find out how effective they were. You the consumer, will have access to the grade results for the product you are interested in buying, just by visting! We have categorized the grade results on a basic chart, so that it`s quick and easy to compare each of the products that you are thinking about buying.

In addition to the customer feedback, you will also get opinions from our product experts. The information on this website is intended to help consumers make smarter decisions when making a purchase online. We think by narrowing down the top products, customers will have a better chance of buying a product that works well for them the first time. Saving time & money. Thank you for visiting Happy Shopping!